Copenhagen, Denmark

Design-thinking ninja

Storytelling adventurer

Creativity-driven activist 

Problem-solving artist 

Hey, I’m Vida! I am a problem-solver, ideator and communicator, I love working in a team and using design thinking methodology and user-centred processes to create solutions and positive change in the world.

I do digital design and brand design focusing on storytelling and experience, making your brand or service impactful and beautiful. I am passionate and driven about making the most creative and innovative ideas come to life as accessible and human-centered solutions.

As a person I am friendly and social, I like working in a team with many other ambitious people, sharing knowledge and working towards a common goal. I am also very decisive and structured, I always know what to do next (and if I don't, I know how to reach out). I am a great communicator, visually, written and verbal, so pitching ideas and hosting workshops and larger presentations are right up my alley. 

Magic happens when we make design and ideas a collaborative effort. I believe that when we free ourselves from our own biases and limited world-views, design becomes accessible, empathetic and diverse. Then we can change, learn and grow together.

Thanks for checking out my page!