When I worked as a junior designer at TV 2 Danmark, the largest tv-station and media house in Denmark, my primary tasks were to maintain and design brand guidelines across channels for multiple media platforms, as well as conceptualis-ing and designing motion graphics initiatives as well as film editing for trailers and content for social media. 

Another great project was creating and designing a new animation language for TV 2 Sport X. The previous animations felt a bit stiff, as they were predesigned assets that were hard to animate and manipulate to a certain 'sporty' timing. 

For the new animation language, I looked into designing brush presets and frame-by-frame animation in Photoshop to create spotlights for the sports stars on Sport X. The frame-by-frame method allows the designer to have full control of the timing and flow when working with fast movements such as a racket swing or kicking a ball. 

The design and method were implemented in the current brand design guidelines and I created a number of motion graphic highlights. I also cut and edited a trailer for Sport X. 

One of the larger projects I worked on was redesigning the TV 2 Zulu brand 'look&feel' to become more mature and fit its target audience better, as well as aligning the design with the look of the other channels to make a more coherent design for the overall TV 2 brand.

To create the concept and later execute the design, I facilitated a multidisciplinary workshop using design thinking methods to explore the brand's values, personal-ity, characteristics, sound and tone of voice, together with brand designers, motion graphic designers, sound designers, and speakers. 

The project went through iterations of sketching phases and collaborative sound explorations, and the concept and design became a series of short advertisement ident's with 1 fun element on the second 'u', and a small story through speak and sound to relate to the visual.

We prioritized simplifying the look and moving away from crazy patterns and silly characters to unify the channel with the overall brand.